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Date Posted:03/19/2020 4:24 PMCopy HTML

I received the US Census questionnaire in the mail last Thursday...Took about 5 minutes to complete, but just like so many other things do, when I entered the number 1 in the box that asked how many live at this address it was another reminder of loved ones lost since the previous census of 2010..

And we see many people lined up and being checked with a hand-held digital thermometer on the news so I thought that would be a handy device to have available to me...HA! Good luck finding one..after about 2 hours of searching I gave up..every device was marked "Sold out"..the only thing that was in stock was a rectal thermometer and I doubt many folks would line up for that..

And finally, just like the previous 25 years, a family of Ladybugs hatches out in the attic when the weather starts to warm up and a few of them make into the house instead of outside...and just as my wife did, I catch them and release them outside...never kill ladybugs...👌

I feel more like I do now than I did a while ago...
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Re:Random thoughts

Date Posted:03/20/2020 1:43 PMCopy HTML

Our "mud room" is on the southwest corner of the house, the afternoon sun warms the wall and ladybug come out inside and outside. I don;t like to kill a ladybug, but when they reach hundreds it is time to "catch" with the vacuum cleaner.
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Re:Random thoughts

Date Posted:03/22/2020 1:48 PMCopy HTML

I took care of the census requirement a few days ago, too. I don't remember ever seeing many ladybugs around our house. When I do see them, though, I tend to let them be. A good reminder about the thermometer. I had completely overlooked that item when we developed our response to the coronavirus. I'll look into that today. 

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