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Date Posted:01/17/2018 1:46 PMCopy HTML

Macs are less likely to be infected by malicious apps than Windows computers, but they’re not immune to malware attacks.

A fresh discovery details a dangerous kind of rogue program that can help hackers steal data from your computer and perform other nefarious tasks without your knowledge. Even worse, known anti-virus programs can’t detect the new malware, and it’s not entirely clear how the program propagates to new users.

Per The Hacker News, the malware is called OSX/MaMi, and it’s similar to a virus called DNSChanger that infected millions of computers in 2012.

One way to detect the malware is to check DNS settings on your Mac. If you see addresses including and, your Mac may be infected.

I feel more like I do now than I did a while ago...
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