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Date Posted:01/30/2020 4:28 PMCopy HTML

We've all heard many times that aging is not always kind to us but sure beats the alternative..and that is basically true.

However, there are changes in our life that we may not notice at first.  If I make it to March I'll be 80.

And as I told my daughter that for the past year or so two things in my life have changed that I just now recognized.

The only time I get in a hurry is to make it to the toilet before something bad happens.

And now when I shower I just let the soap run down my legs and in between my toes..then I just wiggle my toes..sure beats trying to lift your foot and risk falling..

I feel more like I do now than I did a while ago...
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Re:More about aging

Date Posted:01/31/2020 3:07 PMCopy HTML

At 66 this year, I'm not what I would consider "old", but I'm not young, either. I've experienced enough life that I hope I've learned a few things. I don't do anything in a hurry, either. My supervisor at work always told me I needed to develop a sense of urgency. There are things now I either can't do any more, or can't do as well as I used to. Learning to slow down or ask for help have become bigger parts of my life. When I retired, I learned that life does not need to be lived at 90 mph. I can get just as much enjoyment from a slower pace as I thought I did at a faster pace. Getting older can definitely suck, but it does offer a few perks.

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