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Date Posted:05/31/2020 3:53 PMCopy HTML

With warm weather here, hopefully, corona crap is ready to be over.

Whether or not it will return is yet to be seen. If the 2nd wave hits Aug-Nov. time frame.

Hopefully, we'll all get another 1200 stimulus checks.

No Spring vacation for us, If we're lucky we might get a Fall one

We hit while the iron was hot and bought a new van. Toyota Sienna with all that power accessory stuff

Thought the dealers would be more ready to deal. Guy came in over 3,000 we wanted to pay , we got up to go over to Kia

and the guy said "whoa, now" came back a 2nd time with almost 4 off. Husband said "just sold yourself a van". 

Hope all is well with you all !

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Re:Hopefully Corona is on it's way out

Date Posted:06/03/2020 11:59 AMCopy HTML

The virus scare is over. We are upset over whatever the Media says we should be upset about. They are only capable of handling one thing at a time, and they are telling us now to be upset over how racist we are. Soon this will be over and they will be telling us how we need to get rid of our terrible president.
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Re:Hopefully Corona is on it's way out

Date Posted:08/17/2020 1:37 AMCopy HTML

What a horrible yr. so glad my husband retired in Oct of 2019. He held on till he hit 70 to get maximum SS.

Also, glad I had both my eyes done in Nov and the other first of Dec. if I had waited till 2020 I'd been walking

around like some poor souls who had one good eye and one still with cloudy lens.

I'm glad we don't have to worry about being evicted, lost a job, school problems, etc. Praise the Lord for that much.

I resisted wearing those stupid masks up until a month ago, then the Tx. Gov. said it's mandatory or get fined, so, we donned

the **** things to appease everybody.

I'll be glad when they get the vaccine or cure ! Put an end to this yr. of horror.  thanks China ! They can be glad I'm not President.

We'll have no trouble singing Auld Lang Syne this yr.

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