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Date Posted:12/29/2019 8:50 PMCopy HTML

I recently cleaned up an old "7" computer and got rid of over 40 gigabytes of junk in the windows update folder alone. It also had a windows old folder since the OS had been reinstalled. I don't remember how large it was, but it was a biggie.

Open disk cleanup, click on clean system files. Put a checkmark by everything on the list. Especially "windows update cleanup" and " Windows old" if you have it. You'll have to scroll down to see all of the list. Now look at your hard drive properties. It will look a lot better.

P.S. I know  this will work on 7,8, and 10. Will probably work on XP and Vista.

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Re:Are you running low on hard drive space?

Date Posted:12/30/2019 4:07 PMCopy HTML

 A very timely idea. Thank you. I recently got rid of a bunch of junk on my computer's hard drive. I was amazed at some of the stuff I'd forgotten about or that was just cluttering up the place. The stuff that I absolutely want to keep, but don't look at much got shipped off to an external "archive" drive.

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